Cookie information

  1. Mobile Madness informs that the Website collects only information contained in cookie files, and does not collect any other information about the User. In particular, the Mobile Madness declares that the Website does not use tracking cookies, i.e. files which allow spying on the User.
  2. Mobile Madness informs that cookies are used for the following purposes:
    1. adapting the Website's content to the User's preferences and optimisation of the way in which the websites are used. In particular, the files help recognise the User's device and properly display the website adapted to his individual needs
    2. keeping the User's session (if he is logged), which means that the User does not have to log on each subsite of the Website.
    3. creating statistics which are the basis for analysis how Users use websites.
  3. Mobile Madness informs that two types off cookies are used as part of the Website:
    1. Session cookies, i.e. temporary files which are stored on the User's device until logging out, leaving the site or turning off the internet browser.
    2. Persistent cookies, i.e. cookies which are stored on the User's device for the period of time set out in the cookies' parameters or until the User removes them.
  4. Mobile Madness informs that the following types of cookies are used as part of the Website:
    1. cookies which enable using the services available as part of the Website, e.g. authenticating cookies which are used for services which require authentication as part of the Website.
    2. cookies whose aim is to ensure security, e.g. used for identifying authentification abuse as part of the Website.
    3. cookies which help collect information on the manner in which Website's websites are used.
    4. cookies which enable remembering the settings chosen by the User and User's interface personalisation, e.g. regarding the text size or showing cookies info bar.
  5. Mobile Madness declares that limitations on using cookies may influence certain functionalities available on the Website websites.